Faunc tips

SRAM is the most regular important back up you can do. It saves all the offset, PMC params, macro variables etc which is backed up by battery. The ladder data is saved in the Flash ROM which is non-volatile and which is what you’re talking about with the system data. It’s always handy to have a backup of this data but if you never change the ladder then you wouldn’t need a regular back up.

I always take an annual backup of SRAM, unless I am changing something which could result in potential loss of the data in which case I always backup first…

Also, FANUC recommend using CF over SRAM on 16i B or later as they have had some issues with data corruption apparently. I always use SRAM and never had a problem. CF will work on some Model A controls but it depends on software and motherboard version. Pansonic SRAM 4MB works fine for me and has done for years

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link to I:\Maintenance\Machines_Files\#003301-FastCutFC-TLF10-EndFace-



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power up while pressing p will deactivate soft limit …